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I was nearly attacked by a sex crazed mountain man because of you.
~ Hayley Smith about her encounter with Buckle
It's him! It's the mountain man, he's found us!
~ a horrified Stan Smith learning that Buckle has followed him and his family home to kidnap Hayley

Buckle is a mountain man who first appears in the American Dad! episode "An Apocalypse To Remember" as a retired imangineer Disney who went into hiding in the forest for ten years fearing for a nuclear apocalypse.

He was voiced by Matt McKenna.


Buckle was fearful of an apocalypse and chose to live in the wilderness. When he met with the Smith Family, he was interested in Hayley and wanted her to marry him. Buckle would go to great measures to try and have her to himself such as stalking her, crashing a wedding, and attempting to abduct her. However when his attempt to force Hayley to marry him failed, he decides to marry Shari.


Buckle moved into the wilderness after retiring as an imagineer who worked for Disney. He sets up a treehouse in the wilderness fearing for the apocalypse. When the Smith Family appears, Buckle follows them and stalked Hayley in an effort to abduct her and force her to marry him. The Smiths come up with a plan to distract him from Hayley and they manage to escape from Buckle. Despite leaving, Buckle managed to find the Smith's location and kept an eye on Hayley.The Smiths try to help Roger with his marriage to Shari, but the wedding went through anyways as the wedding ceremony took place in the Smith's backyard. Buckle arrives at the wedding in an attempt to kidnap Hayley and make her his wife. He was stopped by Stan. Buckle says that he was desperate for Hayley since it was the first time he seen a woman in years. Since Roger's marriage with Shari did not go forward, Buckle decides to marries Shari.



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