Bucks Gazillion is a member of the evil Sinistras and the main antagonist of the third and fourth season of the Thumb Wrestling Federation


Throughout the third season of the TWF Bucks was able to defeat every opponent he faced most of them were former champions and great fighters. In addition to his fighting skills he also used his wealth and his henchman Steve (TWF) to cheat. He is the owner of Gazillion Inc a rich company that is rich enough to even engineer back extinct animals.

He made it into the season 3 and fought Face Off Phil. Although he cheated a lot during the match it was still a close fight. However his henchman Steve stole though trophies so all the other heroes and the ref left to go after him. Bucks then brought in all the sinistras and they took down Phil and Bucks won the championship. He then took over the TWF, became the leader of the sinistras, and fired Senator Skull the original leader.

He even knocked down the Dextaras training room just to make a store. Through almost the whole fourth season he cheated through almost every match causing the sinistras to win almost every time. However he didn't treat the loosing sinistras very well so some of them quite. The ones who quite however went back to Skull and formed a coup and sabotaged his chance at the championship and he lost the TWF and got fired. 

Special Attack

Although he has no signature move he usually uses some sort of trick to help him win.

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