Bucky is a recurring character in Randy Cunningham: Ninth Grade Ninja. Although normally a harmless picked upon Geek, every so often he is pushed to moments of emotional tension so high, that he becomes victim to the Sorcerers dark magic and is turned into a monster.


In "Got Stank" following him "showboating" in the school marching band, by continually playing his triangle, he was kicked off the team. Overcome with grief, as this was the only thing he cared about. He fell victim to the Sorcerers dark magic, and was turned into a monster. In this form he attacked the matching band, declaring if he couldn't play in the marching band no one could. Randy confronted him and fought him back, but Bucky escaped. To lure him back Randy joined the marching band. At the game he returned, and Randy fought him again, this time he managed to destroy his triangle "dinger" which was possessed by the sorcerers dark magic turning him back to normal.

In "Silent Punch, Deadly Punch" following him humiliating himself by trying to serenade his love, Flute girl. He once again fell prey to the Sorcerers magic, Randy did battle with him again, this time quickly managing to return him back to human form.

In "Stanks Like Team Spirit" following him (and the rest of the team) losing the annual Chess match to McFists chess playing robot, overcome with grief and anguish he was turned into a monster, along with the rest of the team and multiple other students (he was the last one to turn.) In this form he went on a rampage, Randy was able to keep him at bay and he was returned to normal when Howard beat the robot.

In "Lucius O'Thunderpunch" once McFist possing as a new hero drove the Ninja away. He chose Bucky, as the weakest kid in school to break. So he would fall victim to the Sorcers magic. He did so by destroying his triangle, Bucky was onca gain turned into a monster, but Randy returned beat him and the other monster, and destroyed the Ninja of the year plack returning him to normal.

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