Bucky is one of the pirates of Pangu Island in the Archer three-parter "Heart of Archness". He was heavily picked on by Archer and after some persuasion by Rip Riley challenged Archer's position as king. He was going to have his "girlfriend" fight Archer, but Archer shot the large man in the knee.

Bucky eventually led a mutiny and took control of the island from Archer, imprisoning Archer, Noah and Rip Riley in the jail. Unfortunately, Lana and Ray were immediately captured by Bucky's men once they landed on shore. During the ransom proceedings, Bucky was captured by Archer and Noah. In the process he managed to shoot Ray in the stomach and Lana in the leg. Archer did overpower him and managed to bring him in with the rest of the group. It is revealed at the end of the episode that he is captured and subdued by ISIS.

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