Bucrates was originally a member of Barban, but was betrayed and swore revenge as he became a wild card in the Gingaman series.

He is voiced by Chafurin who later voiced Makuin of the Blob and Wilson.


Having taught Zahab the secrets of immortality through the soul jewels, Bucrates became a member of the pirate's crew alongside his niece Iliess prior to being sealed. Once released, Bucrates supported Iliess to be the first acting general before Sambash is named. Regardless, Bucrates provided Sambash with aid in formulating his schemes before he died in battle with Budoh becoming the new acting general and not needing Bucrates's assistance. Offended and humiliated, Bucrates schemed with Iliess to discredit Budoh so his niece can become the new general. Though Zaihab learned of their treachery, he allowed them to believed they got away with it until Iliess died fighting the Gingaman. Mortally wounded by Zahab to be kept him from resurrecting Iliess as her soul gem is used to revive Daitanix, Bucrates is tossed overboard with his shackles dragging him to the bottom of the sea.

However, Pucrates escaped his fate and vowed revenge on the Barban. To that end, he forced the Black Knight Hyuuga into his services to condition him into using the Knight Axe that can destroy Zahab. However, Bucrates is not able to live long enough to see his plan succeed as he is forced to sacrifice himself to hinder his former ally Shelinda from interfering.

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