Nice try boys, but my job's to protect this satellite. It's time for you to say goodbye!
~ Buff Bryant to agents Keith and Robert

Buff Bryant is an antagonist in the 1997 arcade game Time Crisis II. Not much is known about him, since he spends time with nobody but his boss, Ernesto Diaz, other than that he was in the military.


Bryant is a tall, muscular African American man working for Neodyne Industries. He has a bald head and wears sunglasses, along with a white shirt, light pink tie and dark blue suspenders.


Bryant takes charge of the satellite’s transportation, which is being delivered to Diaz via train. After Keith Martin and Robert Baxter retrieve the attaché case which the late Jakov Kinisky had been holding, one of Bryant's henchmen contacts him on his portable radio, warning him that the agents are onto him. Bryant is enraged that Kinisky failed in his mission and orders his men to speed up with the loading of the satellite, fearing the agents will arrive before it has been transported.

Later on, when Keith and Robert board the train and approach the satellite’s location, Bryant confronts them on the roof of one of the train cars. A helicopter then appears and airlifts the satellite off the train before carrying it away, and before Keith and Robert can do anything to stop it, Bryant distracts them both by firing at them with a minigun mounted on the train. The agents manage to shield themselves behind various objects and weapons on the train, then they retaliate with their own fire. After the minigun jams, Bryant moves forward and uses his great strength to pick up a huge missile which was being stowed on the train car. With this, he begins swinging it round at speed to try and hit the agents, and he also tries to slam it down on top of them in an attempt to crush them. The agents avoid this by ducking down on the train car, and soon after, Bryant drops the missile. He then hops into a helicopter which flies down towards the train, and he laughs as he takes to the air while firing his own minigun at the agents through the open doorway. Keith and Robert aim at Buff as the helicopter ascends and hit him several times. Eventually, Buff receives one bullet too many and he falls back in his seat, accidentally releasing all his ammunition into the helicopter’s ceiling. This rapid fire blasts the helicopter apart and Bryant dies in the resulting explosion.


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