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Bugaboom is a sub boss from Super Mario Galaxy,and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

As Honey Queen suggests, Bugaboom and his minions invaded the Honeyhive Galaxy/Kingdom to cause trouble.

In Super Mario Galaxy, Bugaboom is fought on a planet with several flowers with a tree in the middle. There is also a river of water which will deactivate the bee suit if touched by Mario. Under the planet is a black hole which if you fall off the plant you will be sucked in which will cause you to lose a life. When Mario lands on the planet Bugaboom jumps from the trees and lands on the ground ready to attack. First you have to jump on him and stomp attack him, then he will jump in the air and start flying around, and if you stomp on him again he will turn red and start twisting around while he is flying. He will also drop fire bombs while he is at it. One you stomp attack him one more time he will fall to the ground and explode and then a power star comes.

In Super Mario Galaxy 2 he appears in the level Bugaboom's Back. He is a secret boss in Puzzle Plank Galaxy.

In order to defeat him you need to use cloud mario. Use the same moves on him as in Super Mario Galaxy. He will do the same attacks. and when you defeat him he blows up for a second and last time and then a power star appears again.

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