A modern rendition of what a Bugbear looks like.

A Bugbear is a mythical monster that appears in English folklore and was said to be related to the goblin, however, as the name suggests this evil spirit took the form of a bear and was used as a type of bogeyman to discourage children from bad behavior. Although the Bugbear of legend is somewhat rare today its legacy continues in the word, which has become a broad term for the bogeyman in general.

The general story of the Bugbear was a rather simple yet effective one, dating back to medieval times the Bugbear was said to be a frightening, dangerous, and violent bear that lurked in the forest and preyed on disobedient and uncooperative children - this was likely used to try and discourage children from wandering off into the forest and getting lost or injured by wild animals.

Most tales of the Bugbear showed them as fearmongers rather than predators, and they would generally follow children who strayed to far into the forest and frighten them, they are normally classed as a hobgoblin - one of the least malicious of the fairy folk.

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