To all intelligent lifeforms across space... I am Emperor Buggler, this universe's new ruler. As the first stage of this intergalactic conquest, I have taken the liberty of seizing control of the five main planets in the Starry Sky Solar System. Before long, the planets that all of you inhabit shall too meet the same fate. If you value your lives, bow down and accept me as your ruler. If you disagree, then of course you're always free to challenge my faithful followers, the Five Dastardly Bombers, to battle... If you have the courage and strength to do so, of course... Hahahahaha!
~ Buggler

Buggler (also known as "Buglear" or "Bagura") is one of White Bomberman's more recurring villains and arguably his archenemy, first appearing in Bomberman '94 and becoming the main antagonist of many Bomberman titles since then.


In classic games, Buggler was an old blue alien who was bald with a grizzly beard, a red B in his forehead, and a monocle in his left eye. He wears blue overalls with white clothing underneath, black shoulder pads, a red cloak with purple in front, a black belt, blue gloves, and blue shoes. In Super Bomberman R, he is now human in appearance with a more heavily armored suit. The iris on his left eye is gray and he has a creepy permanent smile showing his teeth and disturbingly his sharp triangular canines.


Appearing to be an elderly man, Buggler is also a scientist, as is evident by his official title of "Professor Buggler", he created many evil Bombermen and is a brilliant (if mad) scientist whose origins appear to lay deep within the mysteries of space and time.

In most of his appearances, Buggler is obsessed with conquering the universe and is already the leader of the Hige Hige Bandits and is both a capable scientist and a dark magician - he is also a villain who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Bomberman Hero

After being destroyed by Bomberman, he was then revived by Nitros in Bomberman Hero, who was brainwashed by Devil Bomber. He also ressurected the Four Devils of Garaden which are Endol, Baruda, Bolban and Natia. In this game, he is referred to as Bagular. Bomberman fought Bagular, destroying his body, but his spirit entered a computer which then became part of a tank. In the end Bomberman destroyed him, but in a final attempt to take Bomberman down with him, he blew up Garaden Star, but Bomberman escaped at the last minute.

Super Bomberman R

Buggler, now made as a human, is the main antagonist of Super Bomberman R, in which he once again resurrects the Five Dastardly Bombers in a bid to conquer the universe. However, he is unequivocally evil, broadcasting his universe conquering ambitions to all planets, giving the choice of submission or termination. When defeated he goes as far as claim that evil in the hearts of all life-forms in the universe created him, and he will return so long as evil itself exists.


In Super Bomberman R, Bagura, now called by his real name Buggler, is a human monster, both threatening and life-threatening. He now intends actual harm by resurrecting and brainwashing the Five Dastardly Bombers with purple electricity and sent each of his minions to each planet. Magnet Bomber for being in charge of Planet Technopolis, Golem Bomber brainwashing the Animaloids in Planet Timbertree, Phantom Bomber trapping civilians in cyberspace in Planet Brainwave, Pretty Bomber, masquerading as Karaoke Bomber, activating the extreme snowy cold of Planet Lalaland and Plasma Bomber attacking the worker families of Planet Scrapheap. After Plasma Bomber's defeat and his memories return that he too was a robot created to protect mankind, including children, and White Bomber saying his name, Buggler appears and scowls at Plasma Bomber by saying: "So your memories have returned... Useless piece of scrap! This is what I get for trying to resurrect worthless old junk..." After he grabs Plasma Bomber, he then says "You are a puppet! You do not need a will of your own!" He violently attacks and paralyzes Plasma Bomber, causing him to scream in pain, much to White Bomber's horror. He is also the one responsible for creating the black hole by telling the Bomberman Bros. "Gwahahaha... That is precisely right! This black hole will expand infinitely, soon swallowing up this whole solar system... and eventually devouring the entire universe... But do not fear, Bombermen, You shall not bear witness to its destruction... Because I will send you all to the scrap heap where you belong, RIGHT NOW!" After amalgamating the Dastardly Bombers to the Great Gattaida, he then says "Go forth, Dastardly Bombers! I hope you can finally prove your worth to me, like the puppets that you are!" This traumatizes and scares Pink Bomber. This is the only time Pink Bomber was in distress, and a angered and shocked White Bomber says "How... how could you, Buggler!? I'll never forgive you!" After his defeat and the Dastardly Bombers' redemption, he finally dies.


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