To all intelligent lifeforms across space... I am Emperor Buggler, this universe's new ruler. As the first stage of this intergalactic conquest, I have taken the liberty of seizing control of the five main planets in the Starry Sky Solar System. Before long, the planets that all of you inhabit shall too meet the same fate. If you value your lives, bow down and accept me as your ruler. If you disagree, then of course you're always free to challenge my faithful followers, the Five Dastardly Bombers, to battle... If you have the courage and strength to do so, of course... Hahahahaha!
~ Buggler

Buggler (also known as Buglear or Bagura) is one of White Bomberman's more recurring villains and arguably his archenemy, first appearing in Bomberman '94 and becoming the main antagonist of many Bomberman titles since then.

In Super Bomberman R, he is voiced by Kotaro Nakamura in the Japanese version, and Michael Rhys in the English dubbed version.


In classic games, Buggler was an old blue alien who was bald with a grizzly beard, a red B in his forehead, and a monocle in his left eye. He wears blue overalls with white clothing underneath, black shoulder pads, a red cloak with purple in front, a black belt, blue gloves, and blue shoes. In Super Bomberman R, he is now human in appearance with a more heavily armored suit. The iris on his left eye is gray and he has a creepy permanent smile showing his teeth and disturbingly his sharp triangular canines.


Appearing to be an elderly man, Buggler is also a scientist, as is evident by his official title of "Professor Buggler", he created many evil Bombermen and is a brilliant (if mad) scientist whose origins appear to lay deep within the mysteries of space and time.

In most of his appearances, Buggler is obsessed with conquering the universe and is already the leader of the Hige Hige Bandits and is both a capable scientist and a dark magician, he is also a villain who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Bomberman '94

Buggler makes his debut in Bomberman '94 as the main villain and final boss. Attacking Planet Bomber, he split the Spirit Pictures. After White Bomberman rebuilt his planet, Buggler sent a artificial comet to try and destroy the planet all together. This fails, as Bomberman storms his base and defeated his multiple forms and dragon robot.

Super Bomberman 3

In Super Bomberman 3, Buggler revives the Five Dastardly Bombers to take over the five planets in the Bomber Nebula. After the five failed to defeat Bomberman, he unleashed his battleship to try and destroy them all. Buggler was destroyed along with the Gattaida, the resulting explosion destroying his body. His brain is carried away via UFO.

Super Bomberman 4

In Super Bomberman 4, Buggler unleashes the Four Bomber Kings and Bomber Great to try and destroy Bomberman. After a journey throughout time, they managed to fight and destroy Buggler's mech. The mech was destroyed, and his brain hurled through the void of time.

Bomberman GB 3

In Bomberman GB 3, Buggler does not appear, but one of his creations, Evil Bomber, does.

Neo Bomberman

In Neo Bomberman, Buggler is oddly seen with his body intact, kidnapping Pretty Bomber with Atomic Bomber.

Bomberman World

In Bomberman World, Buggler reawakens the Dark Force Bombers. He is defeated on Planet Black.

Bomberman Wars

The prequel to Bomberman World, Buggler appears in this game under the alias of Dark Bomber.

Bomberman Hero

After being destroyed by Bomberman, he was revived by Nitros in Bomberman Hero, who was brainwashed by Evil Bomber. He also resurrected the Four Devils of Garaden and kidnapped Princess Milian. In this game, he is referred to as Bagular. Bomberman fought Buggler, destroying his body, but his spirit entered a computer, in which then became part of a tank. In the end, Bomberman destroyed him, but in a final attempt to take Bomberman down with him, he blew up Garaden Star, but Bomberman escaped at the last minute.

Bomberman Fantasy Race

Buggler appears in Bomberman Fantasy Race as a playable racer.

Bomberman Jetters

Main article: Bagura (Bomberman Jetters)

Bomberman Portable

Buggler returns in Bomberman Portable as the main threat once again, being the source of the shadow looming over the planets. He is fought multiple times, using different inventions each time.

Super Bomberman R

Buggler, now made as a human, is the main antagonist of Super Bomberman R, in which he once again resurrects the Five Dastardly Bombers in a bid to conquer the universe. Once more, the Bomberman Bros sets off to beat him. In this game, it is revealed that he built the Five Dastardly Bombers to force them to fight for him. Buggler eventually makes a black hole that threatens to devour everything. He first fuses the Five Dastardly Bombers to make Great Gattaida, but then takes over the machine as Ultimate Buggler when this fails to stop the heroes. With the strength of the redeemed Five Dastardly Bombers, Ultimate Buggler is slain. With his dying words, he proclaims that as long as evil exists, he will return.


In the games, Buggler is without a doubt, quite evil. Buggler has his eyes set on universal hegemony and the destruction of the Bomberman Bros, doing it even when a brain is all that is left of him. In Super Bomberman R, he broadcasts his desire to conquer the universe to all planets, giving them the choice of bowing down to him or being wiped out. He also proclaims that as long as people are evil, he will return to cause trouble.


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