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The Bulldog is a minor antagonist in the 1992 Tom and Jerry film, Tom and Jerry: The Movie. He is a tan bulldog with pink eyes, a black nose and sharp teeth. He bears a small resemblance similar to the original bulldog from the Tom and Jerry franchise, Spike the Bulldog.

He was voiced by Raymond McLeod, who also voiced the leader of the alley cats in the same film.


The Bulldog was first seen when he was sadistically chasing and trying to kill Tom who got left behind by his owners thanks to Jerry. Tom tried to follow his owners, but the bulldog prevented him from reaching them and Tom tied his ears on his eyes and while Tom was chased by the bulldog, he made a run back to his house. Tom was trying to get to the backdoor, but the bulldog was there first before Tom could get there and then went to the front door. Through the window, the bulldog tried to prevent Tom from going out of the house. The next day, when the bulldog was sleeping at the front door, he later wakes up and saw a demolition crew arriving, realizing they will raze the house with a wrecking ball which caused him to flee in fear. Tom and Jerry escaped the demolition, causing them to be homeless and causing them to meet Puggsy and Frankie DaFlea. The bulldog was never seen or heard from again, and what happened to him afterwards remains unknown.


The Bulldog has a slight resemblance similar to Spike the Bulldog from the original Tom and Jerry cartoons. He has tan fur, pink eyes, a black nose and sharp teeth.


  • The Bulldog is also the first antagonist to appear in the film.
  • The Bulldog and the Alley Cats are the only antagonists in the film who are not obsessed with money or involved in the search for Robyn Starling. In fact, they are also the only antagonists who do not target Robyn at all.
  • The Bulldog is the only antagonist in the film who never speaks, he only barks instead.
  • The Bulldog is the only antagonist in all the film who don't got a real punishment, all over antagonists got punishments leving theme in situation where later they presumed dead Alley Cats dropped down a manhole by Jerry and no one knows if they survive in the sewers or not, The Straycatchers trapped on the Ferris wheel and presumably died of hunger and thirst, Captain Kiddie & Squawk with Dr. Applecheek presumably drowned, and Pristine Figg, Lickboot and Ferdinand drifted away in a boat and presumably crashed to death somewhere. Even if the latter three did survive, their plans would still likely have been exposed by Robyn's father when he cancelled the fake reward for finding Robyn, thus causing their assets to be frozen and a warrant to be put out for their arrest. The Bulldog instead runs away without being seen again, but is always on the loose and could always attack other cats.


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