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Bullet is a minor antagonist in Danny Phantom. He is Walker's second in command in the Ghost Zone Police Department. He only made one main appearance in the series in "Public Enemies" as the secondary antagonist of the episode where he helps Walker terrorize Amity Park and make Danny public ghost enemy number one. In all of his other appearances, he is a minor character.

He was voiced by Daran Norris, who also voiced Anti-Cosmo.


Bullet appears in "Public Enemies", where he and two of Walker's guard capture the last escaped prisoner from "Prisoners of Love" and tells Walker that they got all the escaped prisoners. Bullet suggests to Walker that they overshadow everyone Wulf sniffs out to which Walker says that he doesn't care that Danny knows Wulf is there but the rest of them he wants hidden. Later he assists Walker and his guards to terrorize Amity Park to make Danny Phantom the public ghost enemy number 1. He later then takes over the body of Dash Baxter when Walker exits his body to put his final faith of his plan into action and tie up some loose ends as well. He is seen yet again in the basement of the city hall where he was about to suck Danny into the Fenton Thermos, Wulf saves him and separates him from Dash's body and he is sucked back into the Ghost Zone when Maddie Fenton shoot him with a ghost portal.

Bullet makes a cameo with Walker, Skulker, the Lunch Lady Ghost, Ember McLain, the Box Ghost, and all other ghost running away from Pariah Dark when he is accidentally released by Vlad Plasmius.

Bullet makes his final appearance in Phantom Planet, where he, Walker, and thousands of ghosts from the Ghost Zone helps Danny turn the world intangible so a asteroid can pass through it saving the world and the Ghost Zone as well.


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