Bullet Farmer

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I am the scales of justice, conductor of the choir of death! Sing, Brother Heckler! Sing, Brother Koch! Sing brothers! Sing! SING!The Bullet Farmer's gospel while on a mad shooting spree.

The Bullet Farmer is a major antagonist in the 2015 post-apocalyptic action film Mad Max: Fury Road. He is the mayor of the Bullet Farms and next to Immortan Joe and the People Eater the third warlord in the wasteland.

He was portrayed by the late Richard Carter.


The Bullet Farmer and his men aid Immortan Joe in the hunt for his wives. When one of Joe's wives dies in the pursuit, Joe orders the group to stop. Not being patient enough, the Bullet Farmer separates from the War Boys in order to launch a one-vehicle night raid on the War Rig. He hopes to kill Furiosa in the process.

After separating from Immortan Joe and his War Boys, the Bullet Farmer follows the trace of the War Rig which is stuck in deep mud. While Max and Furiosa try to get the War Rig out of the mud, they are alerted by searchlights coming closer. While following them, the Bullet Farmer shoots his guns. When one of his men advises him to better not shoot in fear of accidentally shooting the wives, the Bullet Farmer answers that he is just practicing. Seeing the Bullet Farmer's car from afar, Max shoots at him with a sniper rifle but misses. Furiosa then takes the rifle and shoots the searchlight on the Bullet Farmer's car which shatters and blinds the Bullet Farmer when straying glass pierces his eyes. Still determined to hunt them down, the Bullet Farmer grabs two machine guns and fires blindly in the direction of the War Rig. To stop their pursuer, Max takes a can of gasoline and walks of into the mist towards the approaching car. The wives and Furiosa, who wait for Max, then see an explosion inside the mist. After a short time Max returns, having killed the Bullet Farmer and his men. When one of the wives asks Max is he hurt due to him being splattered with blood, Furiosa replies that it is not Max's blood.

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