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Bumpy Jonas was a mobster who ran a Harlem crime family in the 1971 movie Shaft and its first sequel Shaft's Big Score (1972). He was based on Bumpy Johnson, although loosely so.

He was portrayed by Moses Gunn.



We first see Bumpy's villainaries in the opening scene of the first one, when two of his hitman try to kidnap John (although John justifiably thinks it's an attempt of his life) to coerce him into a job, which will be to save his daughter.

He blew a deal by hurting the wrong person whom they were trying to trade for, hence starting a brutal war between him and the mob. He hurts innocent people, such as "sweet talking a man's lady while he's beating him out of his paycheck in the backroom of a horse polar" as John puts it. He's so evil that when he does cry to John about his daughter being kidnapped, it comes off as fake (the scene was done to make a mockery of him and make him a comedic villain), which makes John say, "Fake motherf--" (he can't be heard saying "fucker" but that's what he's saying). But his role in saving his daughter inadvertently brings good, nevertheless, and prevents a race war from happening. He lies to John and tries to pin the crime on Ben Buford, a member of a Black Panther called the La Mundas. It's revealed he lied. He even snitches on John to the police, as Vic, Shaft's boss, tells him.

Shaft's Big Score

In the first sequel, he is shown to be at war with a white gang headed by Gus Mascola. Kelly is a two-faced, on one hand siding with John and the black cause, in another hand, betraying his principles for money and siding with Mascola. Bumpy even tries to two time Kelly, by ripping him off his loan. Mind you, his evil is used for good - his actions also apparently stop another race war. This doesn't contradict his villain status. His motives are purely for himself.

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