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Bund is one of Frieza's henchmen in Dragon Ball Z. He takes orders from higher-ranking henchmen like Zarbon.


He only appeared in the episode "Face-Off on Namek" (and its redubbed counterpart). He accompanied Frieza to Planet Namek to search for the Dragon Balls. When Gohan and Krillin arrived on Namek, Zarbon sent Bund and his partner Vug to investigate. They didn't take Gohan or Krillin seriously, who lowered their power levels. When they did power up, Krillin attacked Bund, knocking him into Vug and sending him falling to watery grave.

Bund has light blue skin, orange-blonde hair and a mustache, and two horns on his head. Other members of his race serve as Frieza's henchmen as well, including Zeso and Strock.


  • He was voiced by Michael Dobson in the Ocean dub.
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