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Holy shit! You see that f-ckin' head come apart, man? I never seen brains like that before, man.
~ Bunny's exclamation upon beating a disabled Vietnamese boy to death with the stock of his shotgun.

Bunny is the secondary antagonist of Oliver Stone's 1986 Vietnam War film Platoon.

He was portrayed by Kevin Dillon.


Bunny is a sadistic psychopath and xenophobe who is assigned to an infantry platoon of the 25th Infantry Division near the Cambodian border during the Vietnam war. The platoon is divided into two groups, one led by the ruthless Seargent Bob Barnes and the other led by the benevolent Seargent Elias as both of them engage in a rivalry due to their disagreements with one another. Bunny and his friend Junior sided with Bob Barnes and normally would hang around him as well as participate in the atrocities commited by Bob and his platoon.

During a patrol on New Year's Day 1968, three men in the platoon were killed by NVA soldiers. In anger and retaliation, Bob Barnes leads the platoon into a nearby village and angrily interrogates the village leader but ends up killing his wife after she stands up to him. They would proceed to raid and destroy the village. Meanwhile, Bunny and Chris Taylor would eventually encounter an elderly woman and her mentally disabled and handicapped son hiding in their hut and forces them out. Having a mental breakdown, Chris repeatedly taunts the disabled man by shooting bullets near his one feet to make him dance as Bunny watches in delight. Bunny would then proceed to brutally and sadistically beat the disabled man in the head to death with his rifle before doing the same to his mother.

Not long after, he would lead a gang-rape of two underaged girls in the village but is abrupty stopped by Chris and Elias. Back at camp, Bunny showed no remourse for his actions and told Junior that he enjoyed the crimes he commited and loved Vietnam as he felt that could commit the most disgusting crimes without any implications. The platoon is sent back to the front line to maintain defensive positions, later that night, a major NVA assault occurs, and the defensive lines are broken. Most of the platoon, including Wolfe and most of Barnes' followers, are killed in the ensuing battle. Bunny and Junior share a pithole as he savagely shoots oncoming NVA soldiers with his rifle but is soon outnumbered and stabbed to death by an NVA soldier with a bayonet as Junior retreats.


  • Dillon also appeared in Stone's movie The Doors as John Densmore.

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