This is the last time I'll ask you, Akela. You better make up my mine before I lose my temper! What do you say? Will you take us into the pack, or not?!
~ Grizzle to Akela.

Grizzle, or better known by his Japanese name Bunto, is a recurring antagonist in the 1989 anime show Jungle Book: Shonen Mowgli. He is a baddie and former member of Akela's pack.

He was voiced by Vlasta Vrana in the English version, and Norio Iwanoto in the Japanese version.


He was once a good wolf who had gone bad and kicked out years ago for not abiding the law of the jungle, which has since made him bitter as a result, and turned to the dark side after meeting Shere-Khan, who put him up to getting revenge for his banishment. 

Grizzle was the leader of a gang and accompanied by 2 other lupines, who were also his henchmen. Later, after a battle with Mowgli's friends and some of the other wolves, Grizzle is slain by Mowgli, who stabs him in the jugular with a stone-knife.


Grizzle is a wolf with beige (or grey, as he appears in some scenes) fur and a dark blotch around his left eye. He has the distinction of being the only wolf in the series with any marking on his face and is also missing a large portion of his left ear.



  • Grizzle resembles Alex, the protagonist of the novel A Clockwork Orange and the movie inspired by him: like Alex, Grizzle is also a sociopath who loves to suffer others and commit violent actions for pure fun and is at the head of a group of outlaws who commit Criminal acts for leisure. In addition, Grizzle's white toy, the black spot on the left eye and the long eyelashes of his right eye remind many of Alex's clothing and his Droogs.



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