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I know when your birthday is! June 28th!
~ Bunzo Bunny guessing the player's birthday, his most famous quote.

Bunzo Bunny is a minor antagonist in Poppy Playtime, serving as one of the three secondary antagonists (alongside the Huggy Buddies and PJ Pug-A-Pillar) of Chapter 2: Fly In A Web. He first appeared in Musical Memory and toy versions were later seen being produced near the Water Treatment.


Bunzo acts as one of the mechanics and main mascot for the game Musical Memory, in which he will lower towards the player as the latter plays the game. If the player gets an error in the game's pattern sequence, or failed to play the game quickly within the timing of Bunzo's descent, the player will get a game over as Bunzo murders them with his cymbals.

Once the player succeeded in the Musical Memory game, Bunzo will stop descending and clapping with his cymbals, and stays in his current position.

A few minutes after the player leaves the game area, faint trashing noises, as well as sounds from Bunzo's cymbals, could be heard. This implied how Mommy Long Legs was murdering Bunzo off-screen for failing to get rid of the player.

If the player returns to the Game Station near the end of the game, Bunzo's corpse could be spotted at the location's ceiling, sticking up there due to Mommy Long Legs' webs. The cable that was attached to Bunzo's back that was used for his mobility in Musical Memory are removed. Other things like smaller toys and three out of the eighteen Huggy Buddies can also be spotted.


Bunzo Bunny is a yellow rabbit with black eyes, green face paint, two buck teeth, and two long yellow ears. He also has a green party hat and green overalls with two large green buttons. He holds two large golden cymbals. When agitated, he will reveal that he has a few sharp teeth within his maw.


Bunzo Bunny has no known lore to him yet. He was first teased in Playtime Co.'s Heyday painting, and is confirmed to be the main mascot of the Musical Memory area inside the Game Station.


Bunzo Bunny's personality is currently unknown. Judging by his appearance he seems to be a very cheerful character who loves music and celebrating birthdays.



  • In the trailer, Daisy the Sunflower was in Musical Memory instead of Bunzo. This would mean that either Daisy was going to be the antagonist of Musical Memory instead of Bunzo or she was merely a placeholder.
  • Bunzo assuming the player’s birthday is June 28th is a reference to the famous YouTuber Markiplier, who’s birthday is June 28th.


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