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Burblespue Halescourge is one of the main antagonists of Vermintide 2, a video-game set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe - a monstrous follower of Nurgle he has aligned with the Skaven in a bid to conquer Reikland and hasten the destruction of the world for the Chaos Gods.


Burblespue was a Chaos Sorcerer-Lord who was active in Reikland even before the Skaven took active interest in a large-scale invasion, due to his position as a Nurgle follower he happily allied with Clan Fester in their plans to invade Reikland and thus became a champion in their massive army.

Burblespue was ultimately confronted and slain by a band of heroes determined to bring an end to this invasion, though the confrontation with the champion of Nurgle was a difficult and costly one.


Burblespue is a typical champion of Nurgle, meaning his body is horrendously bloated and diseased - he wears a green loincloth and decorates himself with skulls : to aid in his magic he has fashioned a primitive staff, also adorned with skulls and has a "crown" of twisted horns atop his head.


as a follower of Nurgle Burblespue is both jolly and merciless, a twsited creature who takes delight in sharing his vile poisons and disease with others as well as spreading filth and contamination on behalf of the Great Unclean One.


Burblespue is a Chaos Sorcerer-Lord aligned with Nurgle, the Chaos-God of Disease, Death and Decay - as such he has a number of abilities as well as bloated form that is resistant to many kinds of damage.

Plague Wave

Burblesque's most common attack which consists of three green copies of himself that cause damage over time if they make contact with a hero.

Pestilence Possession

Burblesque teleporta to the upper level of the area and sends swarms of black flies to track down and envelop a single hero, if captured by these flies a victim is dealt damage over time as well as being hindered from moving or attacking.

Plague Storm

a large attack that Burblespue utilizes to deal with the heroes as a whole, summoning a large number of green copies of himself - it is a more powerful version of his Plague Wave and thus causes damage if heroes make contact with these green copies.

Scourge Squall

another large attack designed by Burblespue to deal with the heroes as a whole, summoning a green whirlwind of pestilent energy that lifts victims up and deals damage, able to spread across the majority of the room.


  • despite being the first true "boss" of the game Burblespue is often seen as the toughest of them all in terms of difficulty.
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