Mother of pink!
~ Burdine Maxwell's catchphrase.

Burdine Maxwell is the main antagonist of the 2004 cartoon series Bratz.

She was voiced by Wendie Malick in season 1, and Ellie Harvie in season 2.


Burdine is a tall, very skinny woman with blonde hair and blue eyes.. She always wears pink for her attire. She always wears a tiara on her head.


Burdine is bad-tempered, impatient, arrogant, and very bossy towards her employees, especially the Tweevil Twins. However, she pampers and spoils her pet Chihuahua Royale.

She considers herself the queen of fashion, thanks to being so prideful and selfish.


After firing Jade from Your Thing, as seen in her first appearance in Bratz Rock Angelz, she became the one unintentionally responsible for Jade creating the Bratz magazine with her friends.


  • She will have a panic attack if she even so much looks at any junk food; that being said, her guilty pleasure is hamburgers.
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