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I'm going to scrub my armpits with you.
~ Burger-Beard to Spongebob.

Burger-Beard the Pirate, or better known as Burger-Beard, is the main antagonist of Nickelodeon's 27th feature film The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water.

He is a power-hungry pirate who is bent on becoming the richest food truck owner in the world by stealing the Krabby Patty Secret Formula using a magical book to rewrite the story of SpongeBob Squarepants. He is also SpongeBob's second archenemy.

He was portrayed by Antonio Banderas, who also played Miguel Bain in Assassins and Armand in Interview With The Vampire.

Role in the film

Stealing the Magic Book

Burger-Beard makes his first appearance at the beginning of the film, where he steals a magic book and defeats the skeleton pirate who guards it. Though the skeleton pirate defeats him in a fight and sends him flying back to his ship, he still remains victorious due to using the book as a shield.

Stealing the Krabby Patty Recipe and Bikini Bottom's Destruction

He then starts to read a story to some talking seagulls. Apparently, he seems to know all about SpongeBob and his friends and, from the book, he learns that everyone in Bikini Bottom is happy thanks to the Krabby Patty; the famous and the most delicious burger that only available in Bikini Bottom. The said burger also something that coveted by Plankton, which led to his conflict with Krabs. Aware of the book's immense powers, and obsessed to have the same business as Krabs, Burger-Beard then rewrote the book, which made the recipe instantly teleport on to his ship. Once he succeeded, he converts his ship into a food truck to sell Krabby Patties at a beach community named Salty Shoals. In doing so, Burger-Beard also led the Bikini Bottom into the post-apocalyptic state, forcing Plankton and SpongeBob to form an uneasy alliance to solve the mystery. He knew that his actions would bring the destruction of protagonists' town, but he didn't care.

First Confrontation and Banishing SpongeBob and His Allies

When the heroes arrive on his food truck, he busily cooked Krabby Patties. This angered Mr. Krabs, who then demand an explanation on how he stole the formula and build such a business. Confused by their presence, he checked his magic book and said that the book never foretold this. Knowing that SpongeBob and his friends would take back the recipe, he demonstrated his reality-warping power by writing in the magic book to make it say that SpongeBob and his friends would be teleported away to Pelican Island. Much to their horror, SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and Squidward teleported away and materialized on the said island, which is simply a rock full of pelican colonies.

Final Battle and Defeat

Using Squidward's ink and one of the ripped pages, SpongeBob and the others return to confront Burger-Beard superheroes with special powers - SpongeBob becomes The Invincibubble, Patrick becomes Mr. Superawesomeness, Squidward becomes Sour Note, Sandy becomes The Rodent, and Mr. Krabs becomes Sir Pinch-a-Lot. Upon reencountering the confused Burger-Beard, Squidward uses his terrible clarinet playing to drive off all of the pirate's customers. After Patrick displays his power of controlling ice cream (ending up eating the ice cream instead of doing anything), Burger-Beard attempts to manipulate the story yet again, although Mr. Krabs uses his robotic claws to pin his arms to his ship while and SpongeBob creates a bubble to float the book away. The heroes prepare to put their hands in the circle to celebrate their victory, and, needing one of his claws, Mr. Krabs takes one back, releasing one of Burger-Beard's hands, unintentionally allowing him to free himself and drive off after the book, forcing the team to give chase.

Burger-Beard and the heroes enter a chaotic chase throughout the city, ultimately resulting in the book falling into a hot element, causing it to ignite and be destroyed. The team attempts to apprehend Burger-Beard, but he easily overpowers them. But when he is about to flee, Plankton, who'd been left on Pelican Island, after hiding in SpongeBob's sock and hoping out, becomes a muscle-bound hero named Plank-Ton and comes to assist them. After retrieving the formula, Plankton and SpongeBob work together to create one final attack that sends Burger-Beard all the way to Bikini Atoll. It's completely unknown if Burger-Beard ever escaped from Bikini Atoll or not.


What's that? Take the book? I don't mind if I do.
~ Burger-Beard taking the magic book.
Come closer. Let me tell you the tale.
~ Burger-Beard to the seagulls.
And so, Bikini Bottom became an apocalyptic cesspool forevermore. The end!
~ Burger-Beard turning Bikini Bottom Apocalyptic.
Land ho!
~ Burger-Beard landing his restaurant on land.
How did you get here? You can not breath air! (SpongeBob: Well, there was this magical dolphin from the future who shot us out of his blowhole and then--) [stammers] Wait! Wait. [Burger Beard gets his book and looks around] That's not in the book. (Mr. Krabs: Book?) There's no magical dolphin in this story. (Mr. Krabs: What story?) The story of how Bikini Bottom was brought to its knees when its beloved Krabby Patty formula was stolen by me, Burger Beard. (Patrick: How does it end?) Well, let me see. It looks like, um, Burger Beard becomes the richest food truck proprietor in all of the land. (SpongeBob: But how did you steal the formula?) That was easy. I simply rewrote the story and... [holds the formula in his hand] Poof! (Mr. Krabs: Me formuler!) (Squidward: What do you mean rewrote the story?) Watch this. [dips a feather in a bottle of ink and as he writes, he says...] The brave and handsome Burger Beard banished... our poor heroes to be stranded on Pelican Island! [Everyone disappears to Pelican Island] The end!
~ Burger-Beard talking to SpongeBob and friends
But... I banished you.
~ Burger-Beard when he see the Teamwork.
Hey, hey, wait! Hold on! Hold on! Wait! Wait! Customers! WAIT PLEASE!
~ Burger-Beard trying to keep his customers from leaving.
Let's see you get out of this one!
~ Burger-Beard trying to use the magic book.
NO!!! My book!
~ Burger-Beard, after the magic book floats away.
There she blows.
~ Burger-Beard trying to get the Magic book back.
Ha! It's all MINE!
~ Burger-Beard prematurely declaring his victory.
This will make you feel a little butter.
~ Burger-Beard blasting Mr. Krabs with a Butter Cannon.
Why don't you get going, little fella, before you hurt yourself?
~ Burger-Beard mocking Plankton.
Come on. Team up with me. We'll be rich and powerful! Huh?
~ Burger-Beard unsuccessful trying to get Plankton on his side.
Oh, Kyle... How can I say no to you? Are you ready, kids?!
~ Burger-Beard starting to SpongeBob theme.
Uh, what did you say? There's sand in my ears and I can't hear you!
~ Burger-Beard last spoken words.


  • Before Antonio Banderas was cast to portrayed Burger Beard, Kiefer Sutherland, Anthony Hopkins, Ralph Fiennes, Toby Stephens, Kevin Spacey, Liam Neeson, Tommy Lee Jones, Ian McKellen, Jeff Bridges, Jim Belushi, John Leguizamo, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Knoxville, Dave Foley, Adam Sandler, Michael J. Fox, Ewan McGregor, Jerry Seinfeld, Billy Crystal, Eric Idle, and Danny DeVito were considered for the role.
  • Though his actions are motivated by greed and appeared not as notorious as Plankton in the first film, Burger-Beard is arguably the most dangerous (otherwise cataclysmic) and toughest antagonist of all SpongeBob SquarePants villains, as he easily let Bikini Bottom descent into a post-apocalyptic state by stealing the Krabby Patty recipe through his magic book, having no qualms about the Bikini Bottomites' fate, and it took a super-powered version of main casts, minus Gary, to finally defeat him.
  • Despite the marketing giving his villainous role away, the character does not appear as an antagonist until late in the film.
  • He slightly resembles Patchy the Pirate.
  • Beside Plankton himself, he and Plankrab are the two SpongeBob villains who managed to steal the secret formula.



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