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The Burglar (or Dogcatcher) is a posthumous antagonist in Joe Camp's first film Benji, and the overarching antagonist in the 2018 Netflix reboot of the same name. He is the criminal who killed Benji's owner and the dogcatcher who kidnapped Benji's mother.

He was portrayed by the late Biff Painter in the first film, and Jim Gleason in the remake.


Benji (1974)

Upon seeing Mitch's Walther P38, Benji recognizes what it is and experiences a traumatic flashback wherein his former owner, a policeman, happens upon a man trying to burgle a store. The man turns revealing he has a gun, and kills Benji's owner with it offscreen.

For the Love of Benji

The Burglar appears briefly in Benji's flashback after Benji sees Chandler Dietrich holding Cindy hostage at gunpoint before Benji bites Dietrich to let go of the gun and rescue Cindy as the police arrest Dietrich.

Benji (2018)

At the beginning of the remake, the burglar is instead portrayed as an aggressive dogcatcher. Benji's mom barks at the dogcatcher, who brandishes a catcher pole. A struggle ensues and the dog is locked away in the truck, Benji watches from the trash pile as his mother is taken away.


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