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The unnamed Burglar is a villainous character who appeared on "Lovers and Other Killers," episode 1.06 of Murder, She Wrote.

Not much is known about the burglar, only that he is a criminal with three convictions on his record. He was out on parole before turning heel once again and breaking into the home of Allison Brevard, as he was looking to rob her. Allison woke up to a mess inside her home, while the burglar hid out, after which Allison played her music box.

At that instant, Allison came face to face with the evil burglar, who glared at her before strangling her to death with her pearl necklace. David Tolliver, a friend of Allison's was suspected of the murder, especially after holes were discovered in his alibi. However, Jessica Fletcher was informed that they caught Allison's killer, as he was arrested after confessing to robbery and murder.

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