The Burglar is a recurring antagonist in The Sims video game series. The unnamed character is programmed to steal items from homes and other lots.


A burglar appears late at night or when a lot is vacant. He focuses on stealing generally expensive items such as big screen TV's. He might also steal an item that is under the Aspiration category. A burglar's appearance is random but rare. A burglar may appear whenever a Sim is sleeping whether in the day or night.


A burglary can have negative effects on Sims. For example, Sims will develop a fear of burglaries if they are robbed. Also, Sims will be scared if they directly encounter a burglar.



Installing a burglar alarm will summon the police. An alarm installed indoors will immediately activate when the burglar steps into the building. If an alarm is installed on the outside wall of a building, then it will activate once the burglar arrives at the lot. In both scenarios, the police will arrive shortly to arrest the him.


In The Sims 3, brave Sims have an option to fight a burglar. Winning the fight will cause the burglar to leave. Losing will not have any effect on the burglar. Items that were already stolen will not be retrieved by Sim.

Personal Assistant

Sims with a Silver or Gold Robotics Badge can craft sentry bots. These bots are designed to patrol a house. They will use an electric current to cause a burglar to run away.


A pet with an aggressive personality is able to chase a burglar away.


A Sim can call the police. When the police arrive, an officer will attempt to apprehend the burglar. A fight will begin between both sides. If the officer wins the fight then the burglar will be arrested. Otherwise, the burglar will immediately escape. Depending on the amount of time needed for the police to respond, a burglar might escape before an officer arrives.


  • A burglar is normally accompanied by eerie music. This serves as a hint about his arrival.
  • Prior to The Sims 3, a burglar is not interactive.
  • A burglar is likelier to rob wealthy places than cheaper lots.
  • Whenever the police manages to catch a burglar, they will reward the victims with a certain amount of simoleans.
  • If a burglar manages to steal item(s) before being caught, then those item(s) will be kept as evidence. As compensation, the victims will be reimbursed.
  • During any burglary, Buy Mode and Build Mode are disabled.
  • It takes much longer to call the police than using an alarm to summon them.
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