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Burke is one of villains of Jonan Hex. He is the right-hand man to Quentin Turnbull and is responsible for the deaths of Jonah Hex's wife and son.

He was portrayed by Michael Fassbender who later played the young version of Magneto, Edwin Epps and Macbeth.


Sadistic and tattooed, psychopathic Irishman, Burke enjoyed his victims' suffering include forcing Jonah Hex to witness his family's death by burning at the house in taunted way as Jonah killed his best friend Jeb and brained his face and left dead. Burke and Turnbull become infamous robbers whose crimes include rape while Jonah Hex is bounty hunter was hired to track them down after informed by President Grant about train robbery whom being conscripted by him for his revenge of his family. When Jonah kill their men one by one, Burke kidnapped Lihah, a prostitute who bonded with Jonah as human being and used her as bait to lure him. When Jonah arrived at their ship, Burke jumped him and they had a fight. Jonah overpowered him and stuck the back of his head into the ship's moving propeller, killing him. But Jonah wanted him to suffer more. So he decided to use his powers to bring Burke back to life. Since he was just killed recently, his body started to burn really fast. Then Jonah gave him one big punch to the face, and Burke vanished into a pile of ashes.


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