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This is no ordinary riot. This is revenge! Revenge for all the Reploids you labeled Maverick and threw onto this scrap heap!
~ Burn Rooster reveals his goals prior to his fight.
Can't you hear them, Zero? The cries of woe from those Reploids discarded in the name of justice?
~ Burn Rooster guilt-tripping Zero before his battle.

Burn Kokekkoker, also known as the Burn Rooster in English copies of the game, is one of the eight Maverick bosses in Mega Man X8. He makes his lair in a waste disposal centre called "Inferno". In order to face Burn, the heroes have to make their way down the volcano where it is stationed; they encounter him at the bottom. His special weapon is the Melt Creeper, which Bamboo Pandamonium is weak to.

He was voiced by Kyouzou Kudou in Japanese and Jonathan Love in English.


Burn hated his waste disposal job, feeling sorry for the Repliroids before him that had to be smelted in there. This sorrow eventually built up into fury, which clouded Burn's judgement and lead to his transformation into a Maverick.


Hence his nickname, Burn resembles a human/rooster hybrid. His eyes are green, and his chin has two red cylindrical growths. He wears a yellow and purple heat-resistant suit that can withstand high temperatures. His feet are yellow with three grey talons on the front and a talon-like growth in the back.


Burn was built with a heat-resistant body, hence his job being to dispose of killed Reploids. Before he was brainwashed into joining Sigma's army, Burn worked at a waste disposal center so hot, it harnesses the heat from a volcano just to cremate garbage, as well as the previously killed Mavericks. Burn grew to strongly hate the Hunters, and his job, so when he had heard of Sigma's plan, he immediately joined Sigma to help him destroy Earth and establish a new colony as a New Generation Reploid.

When the Hunters arrive, he is angrily kicking a machine in the back of the room and then attacks them, telling them he plans to avenge the Mavericks that were killed by them. After a long fight, Burn dies and is apparently destroyed. However, the lava in his lair rises, so defeating him does not accomplish the mission and Rock, Roll, and their friend Axl have to climb to escape and finish their mission.


Burn Rooster is the game's fire boss, so it's easy to expect that his attacks are fire-based. Rooster will jump through the air and use the Enkoujin, a downwards thrust. If he hits the wall, he will bounce back and forth until he lands. After taking enough damage, he'll activate a machine that causes the floor segments to rise and fall (those this will interfere with him too). He will also burn the sides of the arena, creating fire pillars that force players to be careful fighting him. Burn is weak to Avalanche Yeti's Drift Diamond, which can nerf his power, so be sure to have them with you when he appears.


Burn Rooster: X! Recognize this place?
X: It's the borderline waste disposal center. Where garbage is pressurized and burned... Why have you started a riot? What's going on here?
Burn Rooster: his is no ordinary riot. This is revenge! Revenge for all the Reploids you labeled Maverick and threw onto this scrap heap!
X: Mavericks bring only disaster and destruction! We have no choice but to stop them!
Burn Rooster: This is what you mean when you speak of justice? It's you who should be scrapped! There's no place for Reploids like you in the new world we will create!
~ Burn Rooster voices his sorrow for the Repliroids labelled as "irregular" and anger for those who labelled them as such.
~ Burn Rooster when he uses his Enkoujin attack.
~ Burn Rooster when he uses Crest Shoot or Flame Burner attack.
Melt Creeper!
~ Burn Rooster when he uses his Melt Creeper attack.
I'll show you my true power!
~ Burn Rooster when enters his powered forme.
I'll get you!
~ Burn Rooster when he uses his Overdrive Attack.
~ Burn Rooster when he is frozen with the Drift Diamond.


  • Burn Rooster may have earned his surname from "kokekokkō (コケコッコー)", a Japanese onomatopoeia for a rooster's crowing. His given name may be a pun on "Burt".
  • Due to an error in the game, Burn Rooster calls his Enkoukyaku "Enkoujin".
  • Burn Rooster is the only fire-type boss within the Mega Man X subseries to be weak to an ice-based weapon.
  • Due to an error, Roll has her name changed to Zero when she confronts Burn Rooster to fight him. It is possible that Burn Rooster was blinded by his own anger to the point where he confused her with Zero himself.
  • Burn Rooster is the only Maverick boss to laugh upon defeat.
  • Burn Rooster is the only Maverick boss who isn't fought at the end of their stage, as after his defeat, the lava rises. However, it doesn't rise in the Boss Rush.


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