Burnov (in Japanese: ブルノフ) is a recurring antagonist from the Double Dragon series. He first appeared as a boss in Double Dragon II: The Revenge, but later appeared in remakes of the first game.


One of the leaders of the Black Warriors, Burnov was a wrestler before joining the gang. Many of his henchmen are convicts, which he himself broke free of prison to join the gang.

His favorite method of punishing his victims is to grab them by the head and viciously punch them. He is somehow able to vanish whenever he is in danger, which he does every time he is defeated by the Lee brothers. 

After the Black Warriors are dissolved following their defeat in the second game, Burnov is hired by the Renegades, bringing his fellow Black Warriors with him into the new gang. Burnov is always shown as a fat man who wears a half-mask and with a red Mohawk.

He will pull his vanishing act whenever he is defeated, leaving all of his clothes behind, though he will sometimes reappear again to continue fighting. Though he originally appeared in Double Dragon II, he has made appearances in all remakes of the original game, often appearing as the second boss.


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