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Buro (in Japanese: ブロウ, Burō) is a minor antagonist of series and main antagonist in episode 6 in the anime and cap. 11 manga Fist Of the North Star.

He was voiced by Takeshiji Yoshiara in the anime.


Buro was a delinquent from the village of Oasis who assaulted Johnny's bar after he was not given the free meal. Kenshiro and Bat saw the hustle and bustle on their first visit to the Oasis. Bat first tries to reason with the large brute but Buro smashes a car. Bat then points out he needs to fight with Kenshiro.

Ken stops the brute's hand with his finger and easily defeats Buro who has weakened his muscular strength by striking his arms with "Iron Muscle Severing Kick" (in Japanese: 鋼筋 分 断 脚 Gōkin Bundan Kyaku?). After Buro was easily defeated and he went away crying with his arms incapacitated. This makes Buro one of the few and the first giant thugs to survive the meeting with Kenshiro. The fact that Ken did not kill him might have seen a chance that Buro could actually live honestly.


  • Buro is one of the first antagonists to be spared by Ken for a good reason

he has committed thefts and he in the anime and manga does not have the name but is given in the video game Hokuto no Ken Online.

  • It's an error of the dub English of the anime, Kenshiro simply tells Buro that both of his arms have been permanently disabled instead of saying his strength has been halved.

In Hokuto no Ken 3, a game original character who replaced Ren, Tawaba (after the popular death cry) uses a sprite based on Buro.


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