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Listen up; That Raoh you call your messiah is already dead. The one who came to this country is called Kenshiro! He's powerless against us!
~ Buron addressing the rioting villagers.

Buron (in Japanese: ブロン, Buron) is a minor antagonist in Fist of the North Star.

He was voiced by the late Yasuo Tanaka in the anime.


When the villagers of Asura under Kaioh's cruel regime riot thinking Raoh has returned and that freedom has come at last for them, Buron appears using his large boomerang to kill some of the rioters. He calls them a gang of fools and says that Raoh is long dead while Kenshiro is claimed to be powerless against all of Asura. Buron then murders the rioting villagers.

Upon meeting Kenshiro, Buron realizes that he is the one who defeated Raoh and attempts to hit him with his boomerang, but Kenshiro deflects the boomerang and pierces through Buron, killing him instantly.

Kenshiro kills Buron

In the anime, Buron warns some of the Asurans that Kenshiro had arrived on Asura and gives them a fatal punishment by fracturing one's skull and decapitating some with his boomerang. After killing Kosem and the villagers, Buron announces his intentions to kill Kenshiro, so he can be a Great Asuran General. He also insults the failed riot and crushes the medallion Kosem had. During the fight, Buron survives the boomerang pierce with a minor injury and attempts to run the Man with Seven Scars through with his swords. Kenshiro hits a power point on the Asuran's head, and bends the blades turning them on the panicking Buron. As punishment for slaughtering the villagers, Kenshiro tells Buron to go to hell; The blades pierce Buron's head and he bursts apart.

Powers and Abilities

Buron can use his large boomerang to cut through large groups of enemies. If the boomerang fails, he can use his swords. Despite being an asura with a warriors's code promoting death over dishonor, Buron proves to be a coward as he begs for help leading Kenshiro to point out his hypocrisy.


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