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Burt is a supporting antagonist in Season 2 of the TV series Lucifer. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Stewardess Interruptus", and a supporting antagonist in "A Good Day to Die".

He is a drug smuggler who worked for Jason Carlisle in smuggling a designer poison into the country for his own schemes.

He is portrayed by Joe Williamson.


Little is revealed about Burt, other than he smuggles a lot of drugs between countries by using flight staff as mules. He was hired by Jason Carlisle to smuggle poisons into the country. He used a flight attendant named Jana Lawrence to smuggle the package, but it went missing on the flight. Burt assumed that Jana stole the package and confronted her about it, but when she didn't have it, he killed her.

He then went after Raj Daniere, another flight attendant, who also didn't steal the package, so he killed him as well. The police form a plan to lure out Burt by having Mazikeen pose as the third flight attended on the plane and claim to have the package. However, Burt catches on to this and sends a decoy to the bar where the meeting would take place. Meanwhile, Burt goes to the Bar's parking garage and holds Lucifer Morningstar at gunpoint, believing that Jana left the package with him. Lucifer shows disgust at Burt's actions, since he offered Jana anything she wanted and then killed her. Lucifer then grabs Burt's gun away, leaving him unarmed and shows him his true face, terrifying him. The police then come and arrest him, and Burt begs them to get him away from Lucifer. Unbeknownst to the police, Carlisle found the package and killed the one responsible.

Burt was later released on bail. While he was having a party at his house, he was met by Chloe Decker, who he didn't recognize. She flirts with him for a bit before tricking him and locking him in his room, where Lucifer is waiting. Lucifer interrogates him about the poisons and their antidotes. Being terrified of Lucifer, Burt tells him that Carlisle hired him through a middle man named Dave Maddox.


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