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The head of communications in the Toppat Clan. He's the liason between the leaders and the rest of the recon team.
~ Burt's bio.

Burt Curtis is a major antagonist in Completing the Mission, the sixth and final installment of the Henry Stickmin series.

He serves as the secondary antagonist of every route in which the Toppat Clan succeeded in launching their rocket into space (specifically the routes Jewel Baron, Free Man, and Valiant Hero.) He's also a minor unseen character in the Toppat King and Toppat 4 Life endings.


As said above, Burt is an evil version of Charles. They are both calm, good pilots (Burt may be the pilot of the rocket), and their flying vehicles have lots of abilities. The main difference is that Charles often shows a lot of emotions, while Burt seems almost emotionless.

Burt seems to do something only if the leader tells him to. However, there has been one time where he did something himself, which resulted in a fail for Henry, but a success for him and the rest of the clan.

Burt doesn't like when the leader gets angry at him.



Nothing is known about Burt's backstory besides the fact that he joined the Toppat Clan, became the head of communications, and is "the liason between the leaders and the rest of the recon team". Like the rest of the Toppats, he commited theft worldwide.

Completing the Mission

Burt appears only in routes that had the Toppat Clan succeed in launching the rocket into space. He's also the secondary antagonist of these routes.

Jewel Baron

This ending takes place after the Pure-Blooded Thief and Ghost Inmate endings from the previous two games. Henry Stickmin decides to steal the Norwegian Emerald from the Toppats, already having the Tunisian Diamond and Romanian Ruby.

Burt alarms Reginald Copperbottom of a hostile object, which is Henry on his modified scooter. Being ordered by Reginald to shoot him down, Burt tries to do so. However, Henry transforms his scooter into a small spaceship with a needle, also known as the Mosquito Mode. Henry dodges all the shots and enters the rocket through the needle. Burt alarms Reginald of the failure, and Reginald laments about the fact that the Toppats spend lots of money for the lasers.

After Henry got the Norwegian Emerald and killed the Right Hand Man, he gets the RHM's tophat, which has a oxygen mask, allowing him to breathe in space. Reginald, completely desperate, orders Burt to fire Supreme Dominance at Henry, with the weapon itself being a gigantic laser that is a huge overkill. Henry uses a grown 'n' shrink device to make the emerald bigger. The gigantic Norwegian Emerald reflects Supreme Dominance's laser, cutting the rocket in half.

It's unknown if Burt survived or was killed.

Free Man

This ending takes place after the Relentless Bounty Hunter and Ghost Inmate endings from the previous games. Henry is kidnapped by the Right Hand Man Reborn, a cyborg version of the RHM, and now the leader, because Reginald was arrested. The Right Hand Man himself is a cyborg because he got defeated by Henry and left in a bad shape.

After Henry got out in a nano suit and destroyed a solar panel, Burt alarms the RHMR of the damage. However, the RHMR is currently trying to kill Henry in space. Henry gets in a satellite, which is a drop pod. Henry sets the destination to Earth, which would cause the drop pod to be in a direct collision course with the rocket. Burt calmly tells the RHMR about this fact, and the RHMR tries to stop Henry and the drop pod. However, he fails.

Henry gets safe to Earth. The RHMR survived getting hit by the drop pod, although missing a few robotic parts. The rocket lost the central core, and Burt tells the RHMR about it. The Toppats are stranded in space due to the loss of power. Burt asks the RHMR who Henry was in the first place.

Since Burt, like other Toppats, is stranded in space, it can be presumed he eventually died off-screen.

Valiant Hero

This ending takes place after the Government Supported Private Investigator and Presumed Dead endings. Charles Calvin finds out Henry is alive and the duo decide to bring down the Toppats with a government prototype of a UFO-type ship.

Burt appears only in two fails.

In the first one, Charles decides to drop Henry off by getting close the the rocket. Burt tells the leader, Sven Svensson, about the ship. Burt shoots the ship down on Sven's orders.

In the second one, Henry hangs onto a vent exhaust. Charles fires a super accurate laser shot straight next to Henry so he can get inside. Burt panics for the first and only time and maximizes the rocket's shields, splitting Henry in half.

Seeing as the rocket exploded at the end, it's unknown if Burt survived or was killed.

Toppat King

This ending takes place after the Rapidly Promoted Executive and Convict Allies endings. Henry, the Toppat Leader in this timeline, returns alongside a friend, Ellie Rose. However, the clan is attacked by the Government.

When Reginald explains Henry what the Toppat Orbital Station is, he's interrupted by Burt. Burt calmly tells Reginald that the Toppat Clan is under attack.

Reginald mentions in the epilogue that the Toppats have lost "quite a few" members, either by them dying or getting arrested. It's unknown if Burt was one of them.

Toppat 4 Life

This ending takes place after the Rapidly Promoted Executive and Presumed Dead endings. Henry the Toppat Leader decides to rescue the Toppat Clan after listening to a conversation between two drunk soldiers.

Burt is heard at the very end, telling Reginald and the Right Hand Man Reborn that a tank is approaching, with Henry inside.