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Can't get around the Good Book.
~ Burt Hartman
We'll take it from here. No place for a cop son.
~ Burt Hartman ordering his son Carl to leave after having Heather tied up.

Mayor Burt Hartman, simply known as Burt Hartman, is the main antagonist of Texas Chainsaw 3D. He is the son of Hal Hartman, the brother of Betty Hartman, and the father of Carl Hartman.

He was portrayed by Paul Rae.


He was first seen after the events of the original film, the people of Newt, Texas include Burt Hartman burn down the farmhouse of the Sawyer family for their role in aiding Jedidiah "Jed" Sawyer (Dan Yeager), also known as "Leatherface" in several murders.

The arsonists are celebrated as heroes in the town and the entire family is presumed dead.

Years had passed, he was a mayor now and he first seen Heather Miller while his son, Carl was talking to her.

He wasn't seen again until he and his partner, Sheriff Hooper (Thom Barry) realizes that Leatherface survived the fire and is still alive.

Mayor Hartman sends Officer Marvin (James MacDonald) to the Sawyer-Carson house to kill Leatherface against Hooper's orders. While looking for Leatherface, Marvin is startled and accidentally kills Nikki, before being killed by Leatherface himself.

While at the station, Heather learns of what the townspeople did to her family and flees. She is soon caught by Hartman's son, Deputy Carl Hartman (Scott Eastwood), who ties her up at the long-abandoned Sawyer slaughterhouse to lure Leatherface, and Mayor Hartman orders his son to leave.

Once there, Leatherface finds out that Heather is his cousin and cuts her ties, but is attacked by Mayor Hartman and another officer, Ollie (Ritchie Montgomery).

As Heather hears her cousin being beaten she decides to help him, killing Ollie with a pitchfork and giving Leatherface his chainsaw, which he uses to force Mayor Hartman into a meat grinder.



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