Burt Johnson is the main antagonist of the 2011 comedy film Arthur which is a remake of the 1981 film of the same name. Burt Johnson is played by Nick Nolte and he is the ambitious and overprotective father of Susan, Arthur's fiancée.


Burt is a vicious bully and he does not let anyone stand in his way. He first meets Arthur under a tense moment, when Arthur accidentally shot Burt in the shoulder by childishly firing a bolt gun in his abandoned office block. Burt is building the offices and he brags to Arthur about how soon the office blocks will be his. Burt is mean to Arthur in the first meeting and he tries to intimidate him. He tries, humorously at first, to shove Arthur's face to a chainsaw, but then he stops being funny when he actually pushes Arthur deliberately to the chainsaw. Fortunately, the chainsaw stops in time and the screaming Arthur is left shocked and disorientated. 

This is one of Burt's most vicious acts, and he is rough with Arthur during their other meetings. When Susan's family get together with Arthur, Susan persuades Arthur to go horse riding with her despite Arthur's intentions not to. Burt roughly shoves Arthur up on the horse despite his protests he is in pain. Burt increasingly makes it clear he wants Susan to marry Arthur despite Arthur's protests Susan has nothing in common with him.

At the actual wedding, Arthur calls it off just before the vows are taken and says Susan has nothing in common with him and why should they marry. Susan gets mad and punches Arthur, and Burt joins in. Burt beats Arthur's face around but Vivienne, Arthur's mother breaks up the fight, prompting Arthur to split up with Susan. Burt looks furious. It is unknown what happens to him afterwards.

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