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Buster 'Bust-A-Move' Perkin

Buster "Bust-A-Move" Perkin

"Power Tap ain't just a tap, it's a way of life."
~ - Buster "Bust-A-Move" Perkin in his Power Tap informercial.
"Now y'all ready! We gonna palpitate!" We gonna penetrate! We gonna percalate!"
~ - Buster "Bust-A-Move" Perkin
"All we just wanna master... the bate. The art of Power Tap! Yeah, c'mon! The Power Tap!"
~ - Buster "Bust-A-Move" Perkin

Buster "Bust-A-Move" Perkin is a rich and famous fitness trainer and a minor antagonist in the movie Norbit.

He was portrayed by Marlon Wayans.


Buster who was known for his trademark Power Tap exercise program, was also Rasputia's personal trainer as she comes to his gym almost everyday. When she was married to Norbit, Rasputia practically cheated on him and committed adultery with Buster who also sometimes received a loan from her family for funding his exercise program in order to more famous and even richer than the legendary Tae-Bo master Billy Banks.

Buster Perkins & Rasputia in bed

Buster Perkins and Rasputia were caught by Norbit in their bedroom.

One day when Norbit was coming home with Rasputia's meal, he caught both her and Buster in their bedroom. Buster denies it and walked away.

Buster later came back to see Rasputia at her house. On his way in, Norbit was on his way out and told Buster to have sex with her before he left to see his old childhood sweetheart Kate. Buster seems to be okay with it.


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Buster 'Bust-A-Move' Perkin
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