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Busto, more specifically Busto 2.0, is an inanimate virtual crash test dummy and the recurring antagonist of Polygon's web series Car Boys.


Busto was introduced as one of several of Nick's installed mods, specifically B25Mitch's Ragdoll Crash Test Dummy mod. He was meant to serve as a replacement for the original Busto, a model of Top Gear's the Stig permanently affixed to a school bus. This was to have a human-like model to play around with and also because Nick had received a cease and desist from the BBC for using the likeness of the Stig.

While docile at first, the true chaotic nature of Busto appeared when Nick attempted to make Busto do what Griffin called the "Super Bowl Shuffle" by flailing him back and forth rapidly until the dummy became what Griffin referred to as "god trash". Upon the crash-reset caused by Busto deforming into infinity, Busto then proceeded to immediately rip apart an innocent truck in the background, which forced the two hosts to find a way to contain Busto 2.0.

Several attempts were made at containing Busto, such as flying him on a plane into space (this failed), accidentally fusing him with another Busto, containing him within gridmap before summoning him somewhere else, firing him off as car confetti for the hell of it, and finally sealing him in a large crusher alongside the invincible Iron Man. Busto was then finally defeated, though he made a reappearance later on as the alt costume of Busto 1.0 in the upgraded Pigeon, referred to as The Dummy.