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Thanks to my work, our mutual enemy's screwed, and I'm about to be filthy rich!
~ Butajiri gloating his imminent triumph before Toguro kills him.

Butajiri is a member of the Black Book Club and a minor antagonist in Yu Yu Hakusho. He owns the demonic ninja team, Team Masho.

He is first seen on video chat with the other Black Black Club members betting on the chances of the survival of Yusuke Urameshi's group. They were all shocked when Tarukane lost the wager.


At the Dark Tournament, after the second round, Butajiri ordered the third to begin with Team Urameshi fighting Team Masho. He also ordered the demon nurse Ruka to take Hiei and the Masked Fighter out of the round. Later in the match, when Yusuke tried to switch places with Kurama, Butajiri kept the fight between Bakken and Kurama going.

When Yusuke defeated the wind demon Jin, Butajiri is ordered by Team Masho's leader, Risho to get the committee to declare the fight a draw, because Koto delayed her count. Toguro scolded Butajiri's methods in the process. When all seemed lost, Kuwabara stepped in to fight Risho to the BBC member's horror.

With the fight seemingly at a disadvantage for Kuwabara, Sakyo and Toguro confronted Butajiri, with the latter killing the old man by flicking his finger on his head to blow it apart.


  • In the English dub, it was added that Butajiri wanted to cheat to avenge Tarukane.


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