Butch Meathook

Butch Meathook

Butch Meathook, sniper. Lethal from any distance, sir.
~ Butch Meathook, roll call

Butch Meathook is the ultimate Commando Elite sniper in Small Soldiers. Butch has incredible vision and the longest shooting range of any member of the Elite. The ability to produce eight holes to make a smiley face at 500 yards is one of his many talents.

He was voiced by Jim Brown.


Butch Meathook was created by Larry Benson, who was toy creator of company called Heartland Playsystems and then bought out from Global Tech. Industries. His partner's name was Irwin Wayfair (the creator of the Gorgonites).

Operations Executed (Chronological Order)

Butch Meathook took part in many operations that took action in trying to destroy the Gorgonites. The first operation Butch Meathook place in was when his commander, Chip Hazard, activated him and then they set out throughout the toy store to destroy any Gorgonite they saw. The only Gorgonite that the commandos successfully disassembled was Troglokhan. He also took part in almost destroying Archer, until Alan Abernathy came in to see what all the hub-bub was about. Another operation he took part in was when Alan and Christy Fimple were escaping, the commandos launched an assault that blew the garage door off (literally). In which Butch Meathook had his own vehicle which was quite destructive.


Butch Meathook and the rest of the Commandos (except Chip Hazard) were destroyed after Christy and Alan made the jump over the small river. When the commandos tried to jump the river, they were unsuccessful and were destroyed in from the fall in a huge explosion.


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Butch Meathook
Butch Meathook

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