Butcher is a villain and boss from Romancing SaGa, acting as a major antagonist in Hawke's storyline.


Butcher was one of the pirates who operated on the Coral Sea, and true to his name he was a fearsome pirate with little care for others and who would do anything to get what he wanted, which eventually made him a rival to Captain Hawke.

At the beginning of Hawke's storyline, he calls a meeting between all pirates, where he argues that people weren't fearing pirates anymore and suggests they start killing the crew from the ships they plunder, which Hawke immediately objects since it would simply make people stop navigating the area. Butcher then suggests they attack the coastal cities on Walon Isle and Bafal, which Hawke also objects to, since that would mean picking a war against the empire. After much arguing, Butcher challenges Hawke for a duel on Mask Isle, but when Hawke arrives there he is attacked by Imperial soldiers, meaning Butcher had sold him to the empire. When Hawke returns to the Pirates Coast, Butcher convinces the other pirates that it was Hawke who had sold them, pitting the pirates against Hawke and forcing him to flee the place.

With Hawke out of the way, Butcher starts leading the pirates and doing as he pleases, terrorizing the Coral Sea and killing anyone who got in his way. His underlings enslave the Gecklings on Walon Isle and later plot to invade Melvir, capital of the Bafal Empire, hiding themselves in a secret room on the Melvir sewers. Later in the game Butcher personally commands a full scale invasion of Melvir, which is when the player finally has the opportunity of confronting him directly. Upon being defeated Butcher escapes, leaving the heroes to deal with the monster invasion in Melvir. When playing with Hawke as the main character, you're given the option to pursue him to settle their score, which results in Hawke winning their duel and Butcher dying.

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