I will smash your skull with the rest of this TV!
~ Butcher B in level 6 after finding out that his TV is broken.

Butcher B is the main protagonist of the Google Play/Apple store video game Scary Butcher 3D.



Butcher B lives in a small city of Eyrie, with his wife Elena. The two were an extremely happy together, until one stormy night, Elena got very sick, inside of their house. She was laying in the bed dying, while Butcher B couldn't do anything except to watch her suffer.

Once she passed away, Butcher B became totally different and aggressive. Out of all frustrations, he chopped their cat to pieces and ate it. Since then various pets started disappearing all over the town. Some believe that the Butcher B is the one who is stealing and eating the pets.


In the first level, the player picks up a rock-throwing it on Butcher B's house. The Butcher B hears it and runs outside, while the player goes to the shed area. The player has to find a shovel, witch the uses to enter the shed area. As he would of take the night goggles that he found there. The player finds a box of razors, witch the player places on Butcher B's chair. After the player has to run away, while the Butcher B goes in the room, and sits on the chair. The player places a noisy object in the basement area.

Butcher B gets irritated, and goes to check what is going on down there, while the player takes Butcher B's dinner and runs away. As Butcher B gets furious because he lost his meal. The player knocks on the main door. The Butcher B goes and checks who is it. As the player runs away inside of Butcher B's window, breaking his TV. The player goes to steal Elena's lipstick and apron. The player sets a diversion in the study room, uncovers the mirrors in the hallway and writes on them with her lipstick: 'Murderer, You Killed Me'. The player steals a portrait of Elena in the living room, goes up stairs and puts it inside of Butcher B's bed.

The player takes a jar of missing children's teeth from the study room, while Butcher B is sleeping. The player hides behind the bookrack, once Butcher B woken up. Eventually throwing the jar inside the fireplace burning it. The player steals Butcher B's beloved cleaver in the TV room, and runs away. The player steals Butcher B's apron and replaces it with Elena's apron. The Player ties fishing lines onto the stairs, as the Butcher B goes onto them, falling on the ground. The player instantly leaving the basement, locking the basement.


Living rats! Who dares to steal my dinner!
~ Butcher B in level 5, finding out that someone took his dinner.
Leave me alone! I can't kill a ghost!!
~ Butcher B in Level 8 after seeking the photo.


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