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Buctcher Bill is the main antagonist of Super Chicken made by Zoom Comics a GDPC company. He attacks Super Chicken and tries to rob to the Chicken Farm multitable times. He got his powers from a radiocative carrot that he farmed. When he ate the carrot he obtained super strength


William Thompson was a farmer in hazel county his parents owned the farm before him ,but his chickens were released by Super chicken. Since he sold his chickens to GDPC´s chickens farm he ran out of money and had to live on the street. So he vowed to destroy Super Chicken. He got his strength boost because his farm was built upon radioactive matreial that got socked up into the roots of one of his carrots and when he ate it he obtained superpowers and robbed the chicken farm. Super Chicken tried to stop him but got beat. He carries a hatchet that he used to skin animals.


Super Chicken Volume 1 : A Hero Rises  (First Appearance)