The Butcher Gang is a group of cartoons that appears in Chapter 3, 4 and 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine as major antagonists. At least one of them will return in Bendy and the Dark Revival.


Charley/Piper is a nearly bald ape with large ears, a black nose, and a black beard.

Barley/Fisher is a sort of pirate with a white hat, a black eyepatch on his right eye, a black pipe in his mouth and white gloves on his hands.

Edgar/Striker is a black spider with two sharp teeth.


Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

Piper will appear for the first time coming out from the Butcher Gang's poster and trying to kill Henry. Some dead Pipers and a Dead Fisher can be seen in the room of the Borises. Corrupt Alice is also seen torturing a Piper. The rest of the Butcher Gang will roam around the map and will try to kill Henry. Henry can survive hiding or killing them.

Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders

This time The Butcher Gang plays a small role. They are gathered around a fire in a barrel in one of the levels. The player must use bacon soup to survive. If not,they will kill Henry.

Chapter 5: The Last Reel

They again make a small appearance. They appear in one of the last parts of the chapter, being in the maze.



  • In the show they are just 3 but in the game there is a big number of clones of each member.
  • It is possible that the Searchers are members of the Butcher Gang too. In fact, in the mission "Kill the Butcher Gang" they are fought along with Charley, Barley and Edgar.
  • It has been confirmed that their Inky Evil Forms were designed first then reversed back into their cartoon counterparts.


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