I despise Bias for creating me. Ah! But, I am pleased for knowing you. Goodbye!!!!
~ Butchy's Final Words to Megumi

Chibuchian Butchy is a member of Armed Brain Army Volt and a supporting antagonist in Choujuu Sentai Liveman. Supposedly, he is an alien from the planet Chibuchi, but it is eventually revealed that he is actually a robot created by Great Professor Bias to motivate his students to work harder.


Butchy arrived claiming to be an alien from the planet Chibuchi and joined the Armed Brain Army Volt to study under Bias, having apparently heard of his genius from across space. He frequently collaborated with Guildos, another supposed alien serving Bias, in his schemes.

Eventually, Butchy learns the truth about himself after Guildos is destroyed, and becomes depressed after realizing that all his happy memories on Chibuchi were programmed into him by Bias. Despite this, he is forced to continue serving Bias anyway. While working on his Rampaging Destruction scheme, Butchy's tears are noticed by Megumi and she offers him her hand in friendship. However, as punishment for his defection, Bias activates the self-destruct sequence within him.

His death was sad for Megumi, who was already berfriended with him. The Liveman vows avenge him saving the Earth.


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