Butler is a major antagonist of the anime series, Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure. He was one of the Witch of Delays' butler on the villain.

He was voiced by Fuminori Komatsu, who also voiced Sam Ibrahim in Great Pretender.


Butler has a golden seahorse has the grey mohawk, dark red, light green and light red horns and blue eyes. He wears a black and white tuxedo outfit, however he doesn't have any pants. He also wears a blue tie and matching vest.


He was very quite on his poker face and very calm.


Butler makes a cameo in episode 1 asks the Witch of Delays why she gotta do about the Pretty Cure will be later on tomorrow. In episode 2, Butler talks to Chef Chongire to made it some from the Witch of Delays' food, to stealing from Motivation Power.

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