You're a pretty thing. You know that? (Natty: Are you sure this is the right way?) Yeah. [Buzz touches Natty's hair] (Natty: Hey!) Oh, sorry. I'm just being friendly. I like you. You're a good girl. [Buzz tries to pull Natty to him] (Natty: Get off me!) Oh no, come on. (Natty: No!) I said come on over here! (Natty: Don't touch me!) You're gonna like this! You'll see!
~ Buzz trying to molest Natty.

Buzz is a minor antagonist in Disney's 1985 live action film The Journey of Natty Gann. He is a pedophilic truck driver who wants to molest Natty.

He was portrayed by Mathew Faison.


As Natty and Wolf are walking in the road, Buzz stops and offers Natty a ride. Natty sits in the passenger seat next to Buzz and looks through the rear window at Wolf, who paces anxiously in the bed of the truck and snarls at Buzz.

Buzz smiles to himself, a sick smile that looks more like a leer. He fingers the steering wheel nervously, anxiously as his eyes dart across the road, searching for something and sneaks a glance at Natty.

At a crossroad, he turns off the main highway and drives down a smaller road. Natty watches curiously. Buzz stretches his arm along the back of the seat and rests his hand behind Natty's head. Buzz turns to Natty with his leering smile. His hand leaves the back of the seat and moves to the top of her head. He strokes her hair with his fingers as she tenses. Suddenly, Buzz grabs the back of Natty's neck and pulls her roughly to him.

Wolf rages in the back, growling and snarling and pawing furiously at the rear window. Natty pulls away and wrenches free. He reaches for her again but she lashes out like a hellcat, scratching and biting and kicking. Wolf crashes his massive shoulder into the rear window and attacks Buzz's face, causing him to swerve off the road and giving them time to escape.


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