Buzz Bronski is a mob leader and an enforcer of Sal Valestra. He also worked with Chuckie Sol. Buzz is also a villain in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.

He was voiced by the late John P. Taylor.


Buzz and Chuckie worked with Salvatore as chiefs. They went to Carl's after he failed to pay back the money.

A decade later, he visited Chuckie Sol's grave but was confronted by a figure known as the Phantasm. He runs away and trips on a wheelbarrel and picks up a mining pike. He tries to hit the Phantasm with the pike and later tries to throw it at the Phantasm after the latter cut off the metal piece. The pike goes through the Phantasm and Buzz runs away and calls out his henchmen Dave and Dougan. Buzz fell down into a fresh grave and the Phantasm tips the statue killing Buzz. By the time Dave and Dougan arrived, they found him dead and saw the figure and thought it was Batman.


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