The Buzzard Eggs (or simply "Huevos de Zopilote") are the tertiary antagonists of Another Egg and a Chicken Movie. All of these are the minions of the Egg Witch and they all meet their orders in both their missions and tasks of collecting items for their spells acquisition.


Basically, they are identified by wearing clothing style rancher or bricklayer, people like wing rural countryside in mexico, appearently they have a dark skin and others have elongated whiskers with straw hats, while others use worn shirts with ragged sandals.


The Buzzard Eggs were entrusted with the mission to bring a chicken and extract it's heart in the ritual, they would have to go towards the Pollón Farms and at nightfall, while toto was sleeping peacefully, in their nest quietly was kidnapped by the Egg Witch's henchmen, to bring wing hideout located in the desert, they would be ready to end the ritual, at that time would have reached The Human Warlock taking home one of the Buzzard Eggs, which was Primitive prepared to proceed in their spells curse, in scene Toto that quickly escapes, thwarting the plans of the egg witch. Later one of the minions of the witch went to the shelter of the ground eggs, threatening the lancha eggs to fire the place, if you did not have to deliver the toto chicken, but by refusing the henchmen Apolonio would be gone falling in love with one of witches, the girl named Gertrudis, at the time of the battle when toto and his friends finished killing the zombies, the Buzzard Eggs would attack with their remote-control matchbox cars, all of them were defeated thanks to Coco and Iguano rammed the first car, while the second car lost control because the bacon get batteries, at the end of the movie all of the buzzard eggs and surrendered coexisted peacefully with the dirty girls eggs.


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