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Buzzsaw is a clone of Laserbeak and one of Soundwave's casseticon minions and a member of the Decepticons. He is an artist-rather, likes to make art out of his Autobot victims just like his partner, Laserbeak. He approaches his victims with reasoned clarity and sophistication, gutting them with what he believes to be inspirational precision. However, his ego is easily wounded, and he's not adept at improvisation. If one of his "masterpieces" is interrupted and he cannot proceed as planned, he would rather retreat to sulk than rethink his approach.

In the cartoon, his sounds were made by Chris Latta, who also voiced Starscream.


Transformers '84

Buzzsaw made a cameo in the Transformers '84 prequel comic, being among the Decepticons who attacked the Ark while it was in flight.

Marvel's the Transformers

Early Battles on Earth

After the Ark crashed into Earth, Buzzsaw was knocked into stasis for 4 million years until 1984. After being reawakened, Buzzsaw was given the alternate mode of a gold cassette tape. As Megatron gave a roll call to determine who had survived the crash, Buzzsaw noted that his beak "has carved many an Autobot warrior into a masterpiece of scrap metal."

In Power Play, the Decepticons attacked Harrison Nuclear Power Plant to use as material to build a new headquarters, and Buzzsaw flew through its reinforced concrete walls as if they were paper. It was discovered that the human ally of the Autobots, Sparkplug Witwicky, might know of a way to convert Earth fuel into a form Transformers could use, Buzzsaw and the Decepticons led an attack on his auto repair shop. Though Prowl scored a direct hit on Buzzsaw, he was able to return with his fellow Decepticons to their base with Sparkplug. In Prisoner of War, the human military surrounded the Decepticons' headquarters, and Megatron ordered his warriors to deal with them. Buzzsaw happily cut through the wings of the fighter jets while disparaging their primitive technology.

In Man of Iron, Buzzsaw travelled with the Decepticons to the United Kingdom, where he and his teammates attempted to take control of the Man of Iron's ship. When Jazz fired upon the ship, destroying it, the Decepticons could no longer take the ship and learn from it the location of Cybertron, so they left.

In The Last Stand the Decepticons were successful in learning how to convert Earth fuel for themselves, and they attacked the Ark in force. The Autobots were weakened from their own fuel problems, and Buzzsaw noticed that even Optimus Prime had trouble hitting him with a shot from his rifle. Buzzsaw defeated one of the final Autobots, Mirage, and the Decepticons declared victory. However, Sparkplug's fuel was poisoned, crippling the Decepticons.

Decepticon division

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Captured by the Autobots

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Underbase Saga

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Regeneration One


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