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Byakko, also known as the White Tiger, is a villain in the manga/anime series Yu Yu Hakusho, and one of the members of the Four Saint Beasts.

He is voiced by Andrew Chandler.

Byakko is also known as the "White Tiger", so naturally Byakko resembles a humanoid white tiger. He has short sea-green mane, and wears a Tarzan-like outfit.


After Genbu; the first Saint Beast was killed, Yusuke and his friends/allies encountered, Byakko; the second Saint Beast. Hiei decided he wanted to fight Byakko, but Kuwabara told him to back off because he told them the next saint beast was his. Byakko thought that no human could defeat him so he summoned forth an army of beast-like minion to fight Kuwabara. When Kuwabara used his sprirt sword, Byarro was impressed with the sword. Kuwabara cowarded away, but manage to use his Sword Get Long technique and stabbed the Byakko's minions. But despite them being stabbed, they were still active. So Kuwabara wrapped the four beasts around leaving them completely immoblize.

After his minions were defeated, Byakko decided to fight Kuwabara. Even though Kuwabara was managing his Byakko with his Sprirt Sword, Byakko was actually absorbing the sprirt energy that was coming out of the sword, making him bigger and stronger.

Byakko used his mighty roar to destroy most of the arena, but Kuwabara decided he still wanted to fight. He used his sword to pole jump and kick Byakko into the lava. It seemed the Byakko was dead until he jumped out of the lava. It seemed that he couldn't be killed until the third Saint Beast, Seiryu, betrayed Byakko and had the latter executed for his failure.


Byakko takes the appearance of a large humanoid tiger with mane-like sea green hair that flows down his back, light bluish fur with grey stripes on his arms, cheeks and legs, and two bottom canine teeth large enough to reach up his cheeks. He has yellow eyes with red pupils. He wears a toga, what appear to be leopard skin leg warmers, and has a red sash as a belt.


Byakko has a large appetite, both for energy and food which is a main motivation for his escape from Maze Castle, as he does not have any prey, and when presented with prey, he will attempt to have that prey be eaten, and will beat up an enemy until there is enough room for him to eat.


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