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The Bydo are a man-made nightmare. And I cannot wake up. None of us can. The Bydo...
~ Recovered Voice Recorder (R-Type Final)

The Bydo are the main antagonistic faction from the R-Type series. Instead of a singular creature, Bydo is actually many creatures commanded by a greater intelligence.


Bydo were created during the 26th century by humans to be a bioweapon. They engineered it in a orbital facility with the size of a moon, by using various processes such as genetic manipulation and psionics. They intended to send the entire facility traveling through space to hit a distant planet who was a enemy of Earth and destroy it. However, an accident occurred, which make Bydo active yet at our solar system, wreaking havoc all around for 150 hours. In an emmergencial countermeasure, Earth used a experimental weapon to capture Bydo, sending it to a parallel dimension to be trapped and forgotten.

During ages, Bydo wandered this empty dimension, growing, evolving, multiplicating and holding a grudge. They eventually develop intelligence and learn of a way to travel through time and dimensions. They create a time rift to the 22nd century, where they start their war against humanity. Earth's scientists manage to get a sample of Bydo, which they use to develop a indestructible force field, which is equipped into the star fighter R-9, humanity's last hope. R-9 is then sent to fight the Bydo menace. The conflict rages on for years, with Bydo being defeated and regenerating later. Earth is obligated to fight many wars against Bydo, until it might finally be destroyed for good during the Operation Last Dance, when a R-99 Last Dancer fighter attacks the Bydo Core at the Womb, which is located in the dimension they were banished to.

However, as the recovered voice recorder from R-Type Final despairingly states, Bydo might be impossible to be completely destroyed, since they can manipulate times, spaces, dimensions and are being omnipresent.


Bydo are beasts who act in large numbers. They may seem to be berserk beasts, but each individual has its own sentience, controlled by the greater intelligence as a collectivity. Bydo can possess other living beings and even machines, no matter how complex they are, and easily control them. This allowed Bydo to have a huge arsenal of weapons at its disposal, which they used against the humans. They can easily replicate and regenerate, making it hard to completely destroy them.


  • It is heavily implied the Bydo were created from human DNA, taken to its most primitive form.