The Bydo Core are evil entities from the R-Type series, serving as the game's final bosses. They are the center of the Bydo Empire, being always located at the Womb facility in the Bydo Dimension, from where they command their invasion.

The Bydo Core

In the original R-Type, The Bydo Core looks like a green, wizened dwarf-like creature with an eye embedded on its forehead. It is protected by an organic wall which opens whenever it attacks.
In R-Type II, the Bydo Core is called Womb (but often misspelled as Woom in early official materials) and resembles a large crab hanging onto the wall with two Bydo embryos inside it. It has four captured R-9 fighters attached, which will help in the fight when released.
In R-Type III, the Bydo Core is a large 4 armed creature that is attached to the wall in the Bydo Dimension. After taking some damage, it will detach it's arms to attack the player. After being defeated, it will attempt to chase the r-9 and leave the Bydo Dimension, holding the portal with it's hands.
In R-Type Δ, the Bydo Core looks like an enlarged ovum cell that sends out sperm-like creatures to attack the player. It will circle around the screen, while sending shockwaves. Upon taking enough damage, it will capture the player's Force Pod and fuse with it.
In R-Type Final, the Bydo Core resembles a wall of flesh between two planes of water. The Bydo Lab describes it as being made in a lab and can spew all kinds of matter and energy. It can also deliver any Bydo attack. The only way to damage it is by sending the Force Pod, which it will capture, then shooting a charged shot to destroy it. Whit it's outer protection destroyed, it will spew lots of replicas of the Force Pod. This is the true Bydo Core, and upon it's destruction the Bydo are finally defeated for good.
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