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Byro Cracy is an antagonist in Fairy Tail. He is the leader of the Legion Cops.

He was initially the arc-villain of the Key of the Starry Sky arc until Neo Oracion Seis appeared.


Byro is a rather tall middle-aged man in an armor who carries a staff.


He appears at a place where Fairy Tail members are and fights Gildarts and retreats when his group succeeded. He later appears later at a place where a clock part is. He fights with Fairy Tail members until Neo Oracion Seis appears and takes away the clock parts. Later he discovers the truth and with Gildarts' help he kills Lapointe (who treated them like chess pieces). Byro fights Gildarts again, but is this time defeated. He then tells to others that they were tricked and tries to help the Fairy Tail members.

After the conflict is solved, Byro along with his group tries to find the not anymore active clock parts.

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